Our mission

With admin, we want to integrate the intelligent digital solution for paperless acknowledgment seamlessly into everyday life. Through a user-friendly software architecture that provides real added value, solves problems and makes progress possible. For a digital now that is future-proof.

We are architects of a digital future.

At the beginning of 2017, the A & G GmbH was founded with a very special claim: we want to build a product that provides a secure foundation for a digital future in trade and makes the world sustainable better.

So, with developing the app admin we have introduced a system to the market, which enables paperless digital receipts – and thus not only protects the resources of our environment but also facilitates everyday life.



Amir Karimi

Digitisation is more than just a matter of the future. It’s happening now. And it offers opportunities to make our everyday life easier, to relieve the environment, to create sustainable perspectives for our society. For this, the A & G GmbH stands for: we want to meet the challenges of this time creatively – and actively shape a digital presence with our innovative solution, shaping the future.


Michelle Bourguignon

Save valuable resources, conserve the environment, not just talk, but make. Actively making everyones contribution has never been as easy as it is in this time. We offer a philosophy, a life attitude and a positive feeling. While still reducing the paper consumption of over 260 kg per year and head in Germany, there is no easier way. The A & G GmbH contributes to a stable, life-value future.


Stefan Kaufhold

Always on the pulse of time, to implement future-oriented ideas today, to use the latest technologies. Thinking in new dimensions, venturing something and risking believing in our dreams. Our goal at A & G GmbH: To design a sophisticated software development so that users can work intuitively with them.


Yilmaz Diskaya

Workings as digital pioneers and advance in unknown territorys. Leading the way with a clear vision and developing smart solutions, which perfectly integrate in everyday lifes. Truth innovation always orientates on mankind and does not follow the megatrends of the future. In a digital and connected world we offer admin as a sustainable solutions offside from the mainstream.

yilmaz diskaya

We do what we can. And we can do what we do.

Our team members are developers, programmers, designers. Or, as we say: visionaries. With our skills, experience and enthusiasm for creative challenges, we created a sophisticated digital solution. Our goal: To develop an excellent app that is easy to use for everyone. As software architects we design virtual environments in which people can move naturally and intuitively. And thus integrate technological innovation perfectly into real life worlds.

Always ahead.

Our goal is:
always ahead. And our software solution is it also. We can keep pace with the rapid technological development. Because we know the latest possibilities from the world of programming and find ways to apply them in the best possible way. For this we go with a guarded view through our everyday life and discover where software can create optimization potential.

Always together.

Only together we will move forward quickly. Each of us has an affinity for technology, a flair for aesthetics and a passion for creative use of his skills – that makes us strong as a team. And there are not only opportunities for our ideas to unfold, but also space for our visions to breathe.

Always transparent.

Because the digital world is hard to understand, it needs people who make it understandable. Therefore we do not hide behind numbers and codes, but don´t play our cards close to our chest, because: we have nothing to hide. Finally, we want to create software solutions that are transparent and efficient.

Our values:
A foundation,
that carries!

Developing admin as an advanced digital solution requires a lot of freedom. At A & G GmbH, this is created within a solid framework of values that we have defined for ourselves, for our work and our dealings with trade and project partners. They are the breeding ground for our creativity, the playing field for our ideas, the basis for our cohesion. And they maintain down-to-earthness and eye-levelness in a project with such a vision as ours.

Living community.
Even after work hours.

We also maintain contact with each other outside of working hours. Meet us for after-work cocktails or cigars, watch football or movies together, visit events. We are traveling together, not only for the cause, but also as friends. The fact that we as a team work so well has many reasons. The most important thing is: we like to spend time together. And that’s what makes us move forward.

Maximum identification.
Unconditional loyalty.

We share the same values – and have a common understanding of a good, vibrant, performance-enhancing collaboration. Whether it’s about our project or about our company: We stand with each other, strengthen each other’s backs, walk paths together. As a team we hold together, promote the strengths and bear the weaknesses of the other. And are unconditionally loyal – even when dealing with customers.

Respectful handling.
Honest with each other.

Each team member has his individual strengths and takes his own role in the company – and we appreciate each other. We combine a hierarchical organization with a respectful approach to eye-level: the opinion of each individual counts. But: we are also open and honest. Our criticism is expressed at the table, not behind the back. And then we work together on solutions.

Active use.
High load capacity.

We do our job because it’s exactly what we want to do. Each employee identifies with his or her role in the company. Has passion for the tasks, ambition for reaching the goal, claim to own work. That is why we as a team are particularly resilient, keep an overview even in difficult situations, can accept and cope with challenges. That always drives us back to the best performances, that we are proud of.d.

Strong working culture.
Strong team.

We have deliberately put together our team. According to skills, personality, experience. In this way we complement each other perfectly and are capable of performing at all levels. New colleagues have no difficulty with us, because: we only hire who fits into the team. This gives us a positive working culture that benefits not only the company but also each individual.

Creative work.

Creativity leads to creation. That’s why we place a large space in our company for creative work. We want to think around the corner, go unfamiliar ways, try out – instead of resting on old methods and routines. But: in everything we do, we stay focused. Always have a look at the solution. We do not let ourselves be surprised by results, but at the end we know exactly how we have achieved them.

High self-drive.
Demanding standard.

With our project we want to tackle a long-recognized but unsolved problem – and thus set a new standard. We strive for optimization and are always on the lookout for the best, rather than giving ourselves satisfaction with simple solutions. This results in a strong claim to ourselves, our work, our lives. And we want to achieve this high standard by means of an unbroken self-drive.

Everything has a beginning. It was the idea with us.

At the beginning we just wanted to get rid of the annoying paper receipts. Then we invented a system for digital receipts. And finally we founded a company to establish this intelligent software solution at the coffers of this country. Since the foundation, we have seen what it’s like to start with a rough idea and then move worlds to develop a concept and put it into reality. And every new milestone we have reached motivates us to continue on this path and to give everything to permanently displace the paper receipt.