We design the digital now.

The A & G GmbH is a creative software company, visionary digital pioneer and innovative product designer: As a team of developers, programmers and designers we take care of our strong vision with passion and expertise: make digital acknowledgment as easy and comfortable as possible. That’s how we came to admin: a digital receipts application that makes shopping, bookkeeping and tax filing easier. In everything we do, we are not satisfied with the technical status quo, but are going through uncomfortable ways; working with a keen eye for the latest technologies, rely on our sense for the trends of our time. And thus shape the digital now that secures the future.

Insight into our work.
And a glimpse into the digital future.

With admin, we have developed an innovative system of hardware and software that enables paperless receipts: It transfers receipts wirelessly from the checkout system to an app on the smartphone during the payment process, in which users intuitively call up receipts, can also be forwarded to the tax adviser if necessary. This saves time, creates order, protects the environment, opens up new perspectives for your customer analysis. and puts annoying paper documents at last.

We create digital worlds.

admin is based on a sophisticated digital infrastructure that is optimized for user behavior and application needs. Intuitive software that offers real added value – and can be easily integrated at the point of sale.

We integrate software seamlessly.

Our digitization is not a lifeless construct – but an application that has a place where it is needed: in the middle of everyday life, on the customers’ smartphones.

We think digital new.

We do not just want to react to trends – we also want to establish a new voucher system through our own product development. And with the latest digital technology, making everyday life easier for customers – as well as giving companies a head start.

Where the journey goes

Technology becomes smart when used intelligently. If it is understandable without much prior knowledge and leads to the solution of problems. This is the approach with which we have developed admin: As A & G GmbH, we wanted to address the issues of digitalization at the point of sale with an innovative idea and customized software – and create a system that contributes to the solid foundation of a networked society.