Soon acknowledges his service: the paper receipt.

Paper receipts have many disadvantages: they can be poorly sorted, wrinkled, bleached at some point. Their production destroys precious resources, their purchase costs a lot of money and time. And yet millions of bons are printed every day.

Admittedly, we can't make paper receipts any better. But we can replace something else: itself.

We have developed a technology that enables paperless receipts – as simple and comfortable as ever. An innovative software that transmits receipts digitally during the payment process. From the cashier to the smartphone. From a smartphone to a tax consultant. Just in time. This is admin.


admin is the first mass-capable software for paperless receipts: Every supermarket can integrate it, every smartphone user uses it. It creates a digital interface between traders and consumers, and one between consumers and tax advisors – that makes much easier.

Holistic solution.

admin consists of two components: a software and hardware solution for the sales office in the business. And an app that customers load onto their mobile phone and in which they create an account once. That’s it.

After that, everything is fully automatic: as soon as the goods are paid, the POS system transfers the receipt to the smartphone. Digital, wireless, and without any hassle for consumers and sellers.

Digital order – instead of paper economy.

Stop the paper chaos! Admin brings order to the administration of receipts: Every user can intuitively set up a folder system in the application and store all the receipts digitally at the business or private level.

Perfect to access warranty receipts or keep track of expenses. From any place and at any time. Without annoying scanning of the receipts, without long rummaging in the cash register box. A tap is enough.
Ein Fingertipp genügt.

All receipts. In one place.

With admin, bons comes to the place, which is already for many indispensable everyday companions and organizing assistants: the smartphone. There they are stored fully automatically digitally – and stored safely for the future.

Access for the user at any time. And for everyone they grant access to.

admin is the digital archive for all receipts. And anyone who is supposed to have access to it can define themselves. For example, you can set up folders with business expenses and share them with the tax advisor or accounting. This saves time and money – and makes a lot easier at all.

Digital acknowledgement – For the sake of the environment.

Every single day several kilometres of thermal paper are consumed – and unfortunately, after the purchase, they land directly in the waste. Admin is intended to ensure that no tree falls for the production of cash receipts. This is our vision.

We are convinced that digital acknowledgement significantly relieves the environment. The deforestation is damaging the ecosystem and destroying valuable resources. The production of thermal paper also releases pollutants. And the disposal of the cash registers is also a problem for the environment: in the multi-layered thermal paper, dyes, developers, stabilizers and binders are stuck – it is definitely part of the residual waste, but ends up in the paper container far too often. As a result, dangerous Bisphenol A enters the natural environment, a chemical that can influence hormonal balance and cell growth and is suspected of being carcinogenic.

Our mission.

By admin thermal paper permanently disappear from the shops of this world. To protect both sellers and consumers, and to take responsibility in dealing with the resources of our environment.

admin saves more than just the receipt.

Time savings

No more searching for receipts. No loss of time when scanning or copying documents. No waiting time at the checkout because the roll must be changed. Admin loads receipts fully automatically and puts them digitally.

Cost savings

No superfluous printing of the vouchers at the checkout. No more need for expensive and health harmful thermal paper, no additional expenses for accounting or tax advisors: admin reduces the costs for traders.

Paper savings

No deforestattion for the production of paper receipts, no pollutants released during paper production, no superfluous printing and copying for the documents or the accounting: admin is the environmentally friendly alternative to the classic receipt.

admin is available as an application for all smartphones with iOS and Android operating system for free in the app stores for download.

The app is easy to understand, intuitive to use and designed to work reliably at all times – even without mobile internet access.

Behind the application are long development processes, complicated programming and a secure software architecture, developed by A & G GmbH.

admin for companies

Where are the receipts?
Just one more tap away.

Business lunches, office shopping, small and large investments: with admin you not only keep track of all receipts, but also have access to your data at any time.

For this you do not have to collect receipts from the employees or to scan the receipts: The practical web version of the app allows you to collect, sort, and edit all digital documents for your purposes – and, if you wish, to share them directly with your tax advice.

This saves time, costs and resources. And strengthens your image as an environmentally conscious company in the field of external communication.

admin for large customers

The paper receipt is the plastic bag of the future.

The paper receipt had its justification for a long time – because there was no alternative: for warranty reasons and for the documentation of own purchases, it was annoying but irreplaceable. Until now. Because with admin we have developed a software that makes digital receipts possible in any kind of business: all it needs is our hardware solution and the software. It can be easily integrated into existing POS systems and runs reliably around the clock.

digitaler kassenzettel

A technology.
Numerous advantages.

Faster service

The processing of each individual customer using admin for digital acknowledgement is much faster. admin reduces waiting times at the checkout and ensures greater customer satisfaction.

Lower costs

Maintenance costs for POS equipment are omitted, acquisition costs for thermal paper can be eliminated: a cost factor from the balance sheet disappears as a result of the use of admin.

Protection of the environment

Cashiers no longer have to print out unwanted receipts, dealers no longer have to worry about the disposal and can dispense with the regular purchase of thermal paper. admin protects the resources of the environment in a sustainable way.

Innovative image

admin is a newly developed technology that is unique in its form so far. Markets that you implement at an early stage can promote the use of environmentally friendly and practical paperless systems for the public. and are targeted by the customers who have opted for the use of admin. This makes them part of a system that will become more and more established in the coming years and eventually become normal.

Access to customer data

All personal data of the users are protected. With admin, however, you get important anonymized information that will give an overview of purchasing behaviour, customer groups and more. This makes admin an important analysis tool that helps you to get to know your customers better – in order to be able to respond to your specific needs.